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13 thoughts on “Feedback

  1. Would love to see more of the Small quarters challenges and them featured in the magazines. I love this site! Thank you for all you do.

  2. Hi! I’ve been a reader of livingsims and I think you guys really do a fantastic job! πŸ™‚
    About your portal page, it seems like it hasn’t been updated yet, so I didn’t know that the new issue has been published because the old issue is still there
    Please update it soon πŸ˜‰

  3. Biruty: The portal page will be removed, so we don’t plan to update it. You should update your bookmark to that way you will get all our our news.I just have not figured out how to get completely rid of the portal site yet.

    Exzetta: We have not done so much challenge featuring for issue 18 and we actually don’t plan on doing it for issue 19 either, as we try to cut back a bit on the numbers of pages in the magazine, so we end with less then 200 pages each issue. We are not enough people to layout more then 200 pages each issue. Of course there will sometimes be challenge features, but is not as regular a thing as it has been. But thank you for your input!

  4. This is really small, but it’s very helpful in the long run. I really like how the photo of week is posted on the website each week, but could a link to it on the forum be included? Thank you so so much! Cheers

  5. I would love if it was clearer which stuff was for the sims 2 and wich was for the sims 3. As it is now, you can accidentally isntall sims 2 stuff into the sims 3, and this could really ruin your game.

  6. I am guessing you are thinking about the finds? All finds articles got a little icon showing if it is sims 2 or sims 3. The icon is normally found on the first page in the upper left corner of the layout of all Finds articles.

    Our gifts are also always marked with this icon.

    There are tools like the Dashboard for sims 3 that will show you if you got sims 2 packages in your game.

    I don’t know what more we can do to make it clearer. We do try to make sure all downloads are clearly marked as we do not want to ruin anyone’s game.

    On the sites that you download files from it is often also marked if something is sims 2 or sims 3 – if nothing else then in the title of the site. Never just download something without reading what the creator says about it.

    Last issue we had a single article where it might have been a bit hard to tell, though all sims 2 items said that they were sims 2 next to the item, the rest was sims 3. We really try hard to make sure we always got a logo on the finds articles.

  7. I just discovered your website and I’m amazed at the quality of your magazine! Congratulation on your project, it’s absolutely wonderful.
    Love that you integrate both CC and non CC items to your shopping lists. I don’t use CC so even if I really admire the designs you are presenting, I will probably never be able to create comparable rooms.
    Here are some ideas for more articles that I thought would look great in your magazine: Have something about ancestral homes. I think they are very popular.
    Also, I’d really like you to put together a starter list for CC items. If I ever want to use CC, what items should I start looking for first? What items do you use the most in your designs? The base game have some clear deficit in some categories of items (just like that, I’m thinking about pillow, hehe) but I’m sure you could come up with great ideas for us!
    It could also be fun if you could review the new stuff available in the store. Tell us is you think it’s a good buy or not, or if they really look similar to another object in the base game, an xpac or another item from the store.
    Finally, how about ”Looks for less”? Creating the same decor with two different sets of objects, with one being way cheaper than the other?
    Thank you again for this great magazine and all me best wishes in the future editions!

  8. Hola… please upload version pdf magazine for download, since issue 7 to issue 11.

    Sorry for my bad english

    gracias por la revista
    thanks for the magazine

  9. Hey guys loving your magazines! really inspiring, just want to give you guys a suggestion about the magazine, why dont you guys use an online magazine publishing program such as ? So its easier to flick through different pages πŸ™‚
    anyway cant wait to see the next magazine!

  10. Alvin, we don’t use it because I really dislike the look and feel of those fake online magazines. They are hard to read, the midfold shadow covers up a big part of the spread and I dislike the sound effects – it is more glitter then an actually feature. So it is a very contiguous choice that we don’t use a program like that for displaying the magazine.
    The next issue is coming out shortly by the way.
    If you want to flick though it quickly I can recommend downloading the pdf version.

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