Old but Good: Guest Rooms!


The holidays are the time where guests invade your home. Get some inspiration both for your game and perhaps even for your real life guest room?

From Army Cots & Blow-up Beds to the Guest Room of Your Dreams
The Holiday Seasons brings fun-filled days and a flood of wanted (and unwanted!) visitors. They come from far and near with suitcase in hand, expecting food and comfort, but what they often get is something less spectacular […]

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Maxis Mayhem 10.0


EA homes are… questionable at best. The patterns are usually gaudy and misplaced, the colors either too bold or too dull, the furnishing arrangements are… don’t get us started. We find ourselves often wondering, ‘What were they thinking!?’ So we are going to set you lovely designers to work making EA homes a little less ugly one Room at a time.

Going into an already furnished EA house, stripping everything but the walls and starting anew sounds like an easy, everyday run of the mill make-over challenge. This however is Maxis Mayhem ladies and gentlemen.

Can you do better than EA? Join us!

Image credit: Zingaro

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Old but Good: Celebration of Light

019Once upon a time we ran a challenge that celebrated the festivals of light that all the winter holidays really are. Especially for us living up nearer the polar circle where the days are short and the nights long and dark.

Celebration of Light
Christmas is the time of year when we go crazy in decorating. We love giving our home a special look to celebrate this holiday: Garlands, wreaths, trees alight with candles, gift boxes.

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Old but Good: Start It Up

start upWith the holidays inspiring us to spend some time in game, it might also be time to start up a new household and then you run into the fact that you don’t have any freaking starter homes. I found this old article on how to build and decorate on a starter budget for Sims 2, 3 & 4!

Start it Up
We’ve all been there – that thrill that you get when you start to play a new family i the Sims. And then comes the realization that they can only the barest of bare homes on their meager starter budget. Of course, you simply must they to build or renovate somethings for them because, let’s face it, EA/Maxis starter homes dingy at best! So, here are our tips for getting the most out of that starter budget.

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Old by Good: From Nature with Love

From Nature with LoveThis is one of my favourite builds especially because it was inspired by one of the most crazy pictures I have handed out in “Inspired by Nature”. I don’t know about you, but doing something this pretty based on a toad under a mushroom stool, is pretty awe inspiring. Saprophyte really rocked this nature as  inspiration challenge.

From Nature with Love
Many of us often forget the sheer beauty of Mother Nature and how inspiring she can be. Yet all the colours and textures you could possibly need are right on your doorstep. […]

Read the rest of the article and see the pictures in issue 25, where you will also find holiday inspiration.

Old but Good: Chanukah – Festeval of Lights


It is the time of year for all of the winter holidays celebrated by different ethnic/religious groups all over the world. Being from a western christian country myself, it is so easy to just focus on christmas. We try to give the other festivals a bit of the spotlight every once in awhile.

Today I have found you an old article on Chanukah or Hanukkah.

Festival of Lights

The menorah, the dreidel and chocolate gelt. These are the modern symbols of Hanukkah that we are all so familiar with the world over, but where did they come from and what do they mean? What is the real story behind this holiday that is a precursor to the somewhat more familiar gift-giving holiday of Christmas? […]

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Old but good: Seasonal Transformations

123Yesterday I shared how to use the Seasonal Lot Marker in sims 3. Today I will give you some inspiration on why to use it! If anyone else have great houses/lots that shift throughout the seasons, please leave a comment with a link because I am looking forward to seeing your creativity.

Seasonal Transformations
Outdoor Decorating with Seasons

One of the most anticipated expansions for Sims 3 has finally been made available to simmers: Seasons. Kiare shows us how your outdoor decor can now change throughout the year to reflect the season.

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