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From the very beginning, the LivingSims magazine has been gifted with a staff of giants. Creative people who take the time and energy to dedicate themselves to making the Sims game something more than just a pass-time. The Sims is a creative outlet for so many people and we, here at Living Sims, love to share our creativity with you. Interior and exterior design is just the tip of the iceberg. We hope to continue to offer you the best of the best in the coming year. And here, dear readers are the GIANTS…

Staff name: macthekat
Positions: Chief editor & Layouter
Country/state: Denmark
Favourite section: Designer Inspiration
Started on magazine issue: 1
Favourite style: modern with a twist
Favourite Colour: Green – lime green
Favourite food: saltimbocca

Staff name: Ankuuh
Positions: Assistant Editor in Chief/Head of Photography/Layouter/LS Extra layouter
Country/state: The Netherlands
Favourite section: I dont really have one, but when I have to chose I guess the Sims3pictures
Started on magazine issue:11
Favourite style: Eclectic and fun
Favourite Colour: Aquablue and Brown
Favourite food:Sushi

Staff name: Jan
Positions: Website and forum manager
Country/state: Slovakia Europe
Favorite section: Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: around 17
Favorite style: Contemporary
Favorite Colour: Blue
Favorite food: Spaghetti

Staff name: moxxa
Positions: Head of Advertisment / Writer / Photographer
Country/state: Croatia
Favourite section: Finds and Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: 22
Favourite style: Eclectic/Modern
Favourite Colour: Red/Green/Black
Favourite food: Pasta

Staff name: kitkat
Positions: Head of Writing and Proofreading
Country/state: USA/Florida
Favourite section: designer tips, something amazing… all of it, really!
Started on magazine issue: 18, I think
Favourite style: eclectic, contemporary
Favourite Colour: blue
Favourite food: fusion cuisine, no, scratch that – it’s definitely chocolate!

Staff name: KatCat
Positions: Senior Proofreader & Writer
Country/state: Kansas U.S.A.
Favourite section: 3 Colors & Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: 23
Favourite style: Contemporary
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite food: Chinese & Italian
Website: katcat’s kreation

Staff name: Kementari
Positions: Head Moderator & Magazine Assistant. LS Extra Staff
Country/state: Texas USA
Favorite section: Anke and Balla on Assignment
Started on magazine issue: 16
Favorite style: Rustic/Contemporary
Favorite Colour: Earthy Colors
Favorite food: Pancakes!

Staff name: annyway
Positions: Freelancer/ Advertisement / Photographer
Country/state: Germany
Favourite section: Open Challenges / Sims3 Pictures
Started on magazine issue: 25
Favourite style: Eclectic / Modern
Favourite Colour: all shades of Pink / Grey
Favourite food: Death by Chocolate Cake

Staff name: EvaVonAsch
Positions: Layouter
Country/state: USA, Arkansas
Favourite section: The finds, 3 colors
Started on magazine issue: Hmm .. I can’t remember ..
Favourite style: Modern with a little mix of everything
Favourite Colour: green
Favourite food: sushi

Staff name: littlecat
Positions: Proofreader
Country/state: USA, Florida
Favourite section: Finds! and Ask Handy Andy
Started on magazine issue: 26
Favourite style: Eclectic
Favourite Colour: pink
Favourite food: Changes all the time

Staff name: Eronoel
Positions: Writer & occasional photographer
Country/state: Minnesota, USA
Favourite section: Something Amazing & Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: 22
Favourite style: Eclectic
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite food: Sushi (yum, yum, yum)

Staff name: Jaguwar
Positions: Proofreader
Country/state: USA, Georgia
Favourite section: Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: 27
Favourite style: Modern elegance
Favourite Colour: Red
Favourite food: Too many to count! But of the in-game ones available, grilled cheese, grilled salmon, mac and cheese, and waffles.
Website: JDCSims

Staff name: Melody
Positions: Proofreader
Country/state: U.S.A./VA
Favourite section: Finds & Designer Tips
Started on magazine issue: LS Extra 2
Favourite style: Chic
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite food: Pasta

Staff name: cassiopeia
Position: Proofreader
Country/state: Tasmania, Australia
Favorite section: Ask Bella/Dina
Started on magazine issue: well I haven’t done any work yet, but it will be the 28th issue. :3
Favorite style: grunge, eclectic, contemporary
Favorite Colour: blue, red
Favorite food: pasta

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