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Creating a magazine like LivingSims is no walk in the park. We have a dedicated team of staffers who specialize in certain areas of the magazine, whether it be writing, proofreading or photography. Although we manage to get each issue finished by the deadline, a little extra help is always appreciated. The sims community is full of amazing talent covering all aspects of the sims, and we at LivingSims would love to see that talent put to use here at the magazine!

Right now we are hiring:

  • Layouters
  • Senior Proofreaders

Job descriptions

We put out a new issue of LivingSims every two month, or so. If you are a part of the staff we ask that you help produce one article and one advertisement for each issue. Some staffers do a lot more then that, but we only ask you to help out with one article and one advertisement. So the minimum requirements is that you put in around 5 hours every two month (estimate), most staffers do a lot more then that, but we need all the help we can get.

  • Photographers take pictures to both story-mode articles, to how-to articles, to tutorials and to finds. Photographers also find good photographs people in the community have taken, that can be used as an illustration to articles. Photographers also take pictures for the advertisements in the magazine. We need both photographers who got sims 2 and some who got sims 3.
  • Photographers have good clear graphics in their picture. So if you have a very low-end computer we sadly can not use your pictures. You will also need to have a good colour sense and an understanding of design as you will be building the sets that are used in the magazine.
  • Writers write the text in the magazine, weather it is for the story-mode articles, intro texts to finds article, technical articles like the how-tos and the tutorials. They also help write the text for advertisement. You do not have to be good at all of it, it is ok to have your speciality.
    Your English do not have to be perfect but you have to write a good story/article/slogan. Our proofreaders will help with grammar and spelling.
  • Proofreaders are really good at spotting English spelling and grammar errors. They proofread all text in the magazine, from headlines to articles over advertisement slogans. They are also indispensable in the organising of the magazine.
  • Layouters put together the different parts of an article or an advertisement so it forms a complete article or ad. You have to have either a good picture editing program or a good desktop/layout program. If you are willing to learn you do not have to have a lot of skill as will be willing to help you learn.

What we offer

We offer you to become part of a great team. To get to know people from all over the world. To get responsibility and experiences with your job area as well as with being part of a voluntary organization. We also offer you a chance to grow your sense of interior/exterior design and to help you learn new things both about design and about how to use The Sims as a creative medium. And access to the staff part of the forum. But most of all we offer you a lot of fun.


  • You have to be at least 16 years old to apply.
  • You have a lot of time on your hands – being part of the staff is really time consuming.
  • You are active at the forum now and have been for some time.
  • You have Skype or are willing to download it. We use it for text chats and do a lot of our communication and coordination over Skype.
  • You are willing to take initiative. We will not always give you a task to perform, you have to be willing to do things without being asked to do them.
  • You have to be willing to offer feedback and take part in brainstorming.
  • You can read and understand instructions without having to have them cut out in cardboard for you.

The age requirement is not up for negotiation. If you apply and are too young we will discard your application right away. This is not an insult to you in particular. We have had some serious problems with young staffers in the past. We are not doing this to be mean to all young teenagers, but on the ground of our experience with a number of young staffers we have decided to put this limit in.

It is also important for us that we know people before we hire them, so we ask that you don’t apply until you have been an active member of the forum for some time. We do not want people on the staff who course drama, the only way to assure that is not to hire complete strangers.

Still interested?

Read more about what you need to do to become a staffer, fill out our application form and do the test task on the forum

If you want to become a staffer, please do not send us an email, but fill out the application form and do the task on the forum.