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Simsartgallery have over the time made a huge amount of downloads for us both for sims 2 and for sims 3. We have gathered them all here, so they are easy to find for you!

Sims 2 Gifts

Lauren Look Paintings

These were requested at BPS. I’ve uploaded them here for that person and anyone else that would like them. I used the MsBarrows Multi Use Frames etc for these paintings. I included all the meshes because she made these where they had to have some or all of the meshes to work. Since I use them alot I just included the entire lot of meshes. Please Enjoy!

The photos included are the roses and the blue one from the dining room. There are actually 2 rose paintings instead of just the one.


Dincer’s Winerack Recolors

These were asked for in a WCIF so I’ve uploaded to share them here with you all. There is more than just the winerack as I recolored the empty boxes, the winebottles and a few other things to match this winerack. I hope you enjoy. Meshes included.



Hi all. This is my very first mesh. I saw this some time ago on the net and wanted it for my game so I finally broke down and decided to learn how to mesh. I hope you all enjoy it. It’s very low poly so you should have no problems with your game.


Godoy Painting Collection

I did these for my game and thought I would share with whomever wants them. I have included all meshes needed for each painting. Please enjoy


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