Dear LivingSims Community. It has been two years since we last had a donation drive. In that time I have footed the bill for running the site. At this time I can not afford it on my own. I hope that our generous community will help cover the expenses for running the site and the magazine. I have to ask you dear community to please help us economically. Any amount will help and if you can not help we understand that completely!

Our expenses are: Domain name fee, 1 dropbox pro-account and our servers at That amounts to about 350 $ a year and we need to cover the expences for 2012 – 2014 which means we need to raise 750 $ before we reach our goal.

We will of course not come asking for donations again until we have we have used all of the money you donate which should not be until a year or two has passed. The donation link will be up until we reach the amount we need and then we will remove it.  A big thank you to all who donate.

We sincerely hope you will help. Any amount would be appreciated!

Macthekat, Editor in Chief


We are taking donations through PayPal but you can also pay with a normal credit card: Use the form on the left side of the page, just fill in your cc info and then continue, it will prompt again to register with paypal but you can ignore it and just continue. Please write your name in the note area, so we can thank you probably. If you want to be anonymous, please write that. If the donation button does not appear in your language, please leave a comment and we will see what we can do about it.

Update 14/12 2013

Our wonderful supporters have donated 359,92 $ which is about half our goal and enough to cover the costs of running the website for 2012/13. We are currently leaving the donation open but for now the donation run is over. However we would be extremely happy to get more donations. Once we reach our goal we will close the donation tin for now.

Thank you

We thank the following for their generous donations:

2013: KyriaT, Bridelyn, mrmiss, Naitomea_Sims, kitkat, Trumpets0ng, ballarose, Nerieda, mechbutterfly, Enla, & all the anonymous donors
2011: Ballarose, sixtyten, galaxy235, beatdoc16, cmforest, Zhaana, gotmilk, sebausten & one anonymous donor.
2010: Deelightful, Ballarose, Phyre, jenba, Protectron, sebausten, sixtyten, baufive, Laure, peachbird76, girlfromverona

Donation Gifts

The donation gifts are available to everyone. A new gift becomes available every time we hit a 100 $ goal.

Gift for reaching our first goal – 100 $ 
The 100 $ goal gift is a sims 3 home with no CC called “New England Dreams” by macthekat.

The house has a single store item in it, which can easily be replaced. It requires the following EPs & SPs: Supernatural, Seasons, Island Paradise, University & Ambitions

Gift for reaching our second goal – 200 $ 
Last year is soon funded! The awesome guys and gals of the community has helped us raise 200 $ and I promised you a gift when met that goal. I decided that since this was baby steps towards a larger goal to do a stack of starter houses for you! I have build no less than 8 starters over the weekend and I would like to dedicate them to the community for being awesome and helping us meet the goal. They are all starters and they are all build in my take on traditional American styles. So thank you!

For convenience both for you and for me, I have put them on my own website. I have made a post with links to all of them and you can find all the information about the cost of them and what eps they require etc. there.


Gift for reaching our third goal – 300 $ 

Lis0 donated a gift for us sims 3 people to say thank you to all the donators. She made us five different collages for our sims designers. And they are really cool. I hope you will enjoy them.

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  1. I have just donated a small amount, too. I will post a link to this post tomorrow on Spring4Sims so my readers can consider donating. 🙂

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