Updated gift pages

Update: I have updated a bunch of links to the gifts, so you were trying to get a gift that didn’t work, please try again now.

If you have been looking for our old gifts and found the right page, but the pictures not working, when fret no more: The images in the gift section has been updated. Some files had not been uploaded when we moved servers, this is now fixed.

Find the gift section here

New Website

Jan has been working for weeks on this and now it is finally finished our brand new shiny website! LSextra has it’s own section and can be accessed by clicking on our logo – it will fold down a menu. You can also get directly to the forum from here!

Thank you Jan for all your had work! It really has paid off!

Forum Moved

We have now moved the forum to the new server. This mean that the old forum will stay online (until October) but will be closed. You can find the new forum here:


All your posts are still there and your account is still working. You will just have to log in again. We are still ironing out a few things but they should be fixed soon.

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Donation plee

Dear LivingSims community, as you might have noticed the forum has been rather unstable over the past six months. We keep getting downtime, blank pages, odd errors and other annoying stuff. We have decided we can’t live with that any more so we want to move web-hosting services to mediatemple.net which should give us a much more robust service. However that will require us to raise some cash again. We still have a little left from your generous donations last year, but nowhere near enough. So we ask you for help.

We thank the following for their generous donations who has helped us raise more then 591 $ out of our $600 goal so fare:
Deelightful, Ballarose, Phyre, jenba, Protectron, sebausten, sixtyten, baufive, Laure, peachbird76, girlfromverona, annyway, aprlrane, Amelie, lewisb, Naitomea_Sims , oumamea, tonysmama, Eronoel, Peachy, Lorry, ATS Sandy, Alicelove, Gotmilk, Velvet and 3 anonymous donators.


New Newsletter Sevice

We have changed our newsletter service. The old one did not let us get any more subscribers.

Some of you have tried to sign up over the last few weeks without any luck. Sadly you will have to try again as your attempt was not saved anywhere. But it is now easier to subscribe then it was before. You just fill out your email addresses and and check one of the boxes. You can either choose to only get an email then we have a new issue out or you can get one then something big happens on the site, like the start of a new contest or challenge. Or you can choose “Everything” if you want both emails.

No newsletter signup

We are looking for a new newsletter service because the one we got will not let us have any more people sign up. So we are trying to find another service. While we are looking it will not be possible to sign up for our newsletter.

Sorry for the inconvenience