We Are Looking for Writers & Proofers

Do misspelled words and shaky wording make you itch to edit what you read?  Do you have the knack of putting words together that helps bring a set image to mind?  Then we are looking for you.  LivingSims Magazine currently has openings for writers and proofreaders for our next issue.  If you are interested, please stop by our forum and apply.  Find out how here.

On a different note, the pdf is now online and is found right above this next to the cover image in the top bar

Christmas is coming early on LivingSims

Just in time for christmas we created a brand new download page where you can find all gifts from our beloved and talented creators.

Access the new sub-site by clicking on the arrow next to our logo and pick LS Download or go to downloads.livingsims.net

LivingSims is not in beta stage anymore!

We have worked hard, fixed all reported bugs, and now we think it’s safe to say that LivingSims network of websites is not in beta stage anymore!

List of changes:
fixed the unreadable text issue in forum
fixed the invisible list issue in forum
fixed “remember me” function
disabled “friendly redirect” pages
website user panel now communicates with forum

Thank you for all the support,
LivingSims staff.