Issue 38: All about Holidays

001The staff has worked double time to deliver you the second issue within two months. This time it is all about the holiday seasons from Halloween to New Year and everything in between.

We have tips, beautiful houses, wonderful gifts for Sims 4 and holiday finds for you.

The staff wish you a safe and happy holiday! Enjoy the issue and remember to eat cookies.

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Issue 37: Community spotlight

Cover of LivingSims issue 37. The Sims Magazine for more StyleIssue 37 is all about the community! We have a number of great interviews with creators like FakeHousesRealAwesome and JodelineJodeline and others.

We hope you will join us in a celebration of the creativity of the community. We hope to inspire you to inspire us!

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Issue 36: All about color

coverSummer is coming! And issue 36 and it is bursting with color! We have put the spotlight on use of color this issue and we got a stack of beautiful articles on the topic. As it is our habit we also feature a lot of pictures from our community as well as an interview with the amazing daturaobscura. We also welcome LadySpider on to the team and she has done some stunning pictures for us.

If you find all the color inspiring then join our new contest Brave Color which is now open. There will be participation prices as well as something for the winners and runners up!

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Edit: I forgot an article in issue 36 and a few links on Must Have. Both is now fixed. Read the new article, which is a challenge feature on the challenge Accent.

Issue 35: Happy Holidays

001We just finished issue 35. It is a relatively small issue this time but it is all about the holidays. We feature a lot of really cool builds from the community. We hope you will help us celebrate the holidays.


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