Sims 2 gifts

I have added a big stack of old downloads to our Sims 2 gifts page. If you have been here forever, then these are not new, but if you were not a member on our old forum there might be some goodies for you there. Enjoy

We are also in the process of trying to find all Simsartgalleries old files both for Sims 2 and Sims 3. If you have any of them, please contact me – I would love to be able to put them up here for everyone to download.

2009 Christmas gift file updated

I have been able to get another version of the 2009 Living Sims Christmas gift file. Some people had problems with the old one, it is now updated and hopefully that will work. Otherwise leave us a comment and report it.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

To the Sims 3 download page

Gift: LivingSims clutter

One of our readers, spiegelsplitter, has made 8 clutter meshes and 6 magazine piles and 3 recols for the magazines and 9 recols for the clutter items for us. Thank you!
They are for The Sims 2.

You can download them under our Sims 2 gifts.

Leave a comment here for spiegelsplitter if you like them.

Sixtyteen’s photo backdrop

his is the backdrop we use then we take finds pictures for you. The backdrop is perfect for both sims modeling and to take previews of your objects. It is fully recolourable with the CASt tool ingame. It works best indoor with good lighting around like it is shown in Sixtyteen pictures’. We thought you might want it as well!

Get it in our Sims 3 Gifts