Forum verification problem fixed!

We had people having trouble verification their login if after being away from the forum for a while. We did a design update the verification site and it should now be possible for those people log in again.

Issue 30 is coming soon


Issue 30 is coming out soon. We are finishing up the proofreading and the layouting this week and if all goes well you will have the issue next weekend.


Forum Problems

Some of our users have experienced some problems in getting from the frontpage (this site) to the forum over the last few days as well as having problems posting on the forum. We have done a few tweaks so we hope this helps on at least some of your problems.

If it does not help we recommend that you try the following:
– Restart your browser
– Clear the cache files in your browser (google that)
– Try a different browser

If non of this works please comment here or send a PM to the “Forum Moderator”

In the process of fixing the forum we have made a few tweaks of our theme, so it looks slightly different than normal.

Winner of Sims Next door announced & New Contest!

Summer is coming and it is time to go on vacations, perhaps even go overseas somewhere. When we are away we often think of home and our loved ones who can not be there with us right now. That is when we write and send postcards home. We want such a postcard to be part of the next back cover of the magazine and we want you to take the shot for the post card. In this digital age it is easy to create your own postcards rather than making due with the tourist shots they sell on the beach – so lets turn up the wow-factor and create some amazing postcards.

Read more about the new contest on the forum

We have judged round 5 and we now have a winner! We excluded Sixtyteen’s scores since she is a staffer. So it came down to either tiki5872 or Trumpets0ng who both did an amazing job in this final round. Congratulations tiki5872 you have won Sims Next Door with 83 points in this final round!

Read more on the forum