Winner of Sims Next door announced & New Contest!

Summer is coming and it is time to go on vacations, perhaps even go overseas somewhere. When we are away we often think of home and our loved ones who can not be there with us right now. That is when we write and send postcards home. We want such a postcard to be part of the next back cover of the magazine and we want you to take the shot for the post card. In this digital age it is easy to create your own postcards rather than making due with the tourist shots they sell on the beach – so lets turn up the wow-factor and create some amazing postcards.

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We have judged round 5 and we now have a winner! We excluded Sixtyteen’s scores since she is a staffer. So it came down to either tiki5872 or Trumpets0ng who both did an amazing job in this final round. Congratulations tiki5872 you have won Sims Next Door with 83 points in this final round!

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If you have problems getting into the forum after the hack use this link:

It should let you get in without any problems. If you still can’t get in you need to clean out you caches. How to do that is different in the browsers so google “clean caches [browsername]”

If you are having problems getting in please email livingsims[at] so we can help you out, or post here.

You can’t keep a good thing down

Hello lovely LivingSims peeps! We are  back and better than ever and just a little tidier. Yes we were hacked but pooh pooh to them. We are just looking at this as a little necessary Spring cleaning. Thanks to you all for hanging in there with us. If you notice anything missing or anything that needs to be done, post it in the Spring Cleaning thread and we’ll take care of it.

To the forum

We have been hacked

We have been hacked again. I am trying to do what I can about it.  I think we got backups.

I hope we can be back online before the weekend.

If you are using the same password as you are using on LivingSims elsewhere please change that on other sites, it shouldn’t be compromised but it might be.

Less strict rules

The forum is not as overly active these days so we have decided that we want to a more relaxed mood here, so we are changing some of the rules to make them less strict.

Community updates are now allowed to include CAS CC, sims and pet. If you made it for the sims we want to know about it!

We have one new rule though:

Please do not post the same picture in different threads.

The rules that have changed are:

LivingSims is an interior/exterior design magazine and we do not run fashion competitions or offer advice on where to find fashion items, hairs, makeup etc. There are plenty of sites out there that can help you with this.

LivingSims is primarily an interior/exterior design magazine site and we do not run fashion competitions.You may however show your sims pictures and talk about all sims related stuff here.

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New challenges + a bit of news

When is the next issue coming out?

We are working on the next issue and it should be out within a the next month. We would have put it out next week, but we have had quite a bit of sickness on the staff so we have had to push back the deadlines or put out a very slim issue. We have chosen to do it probably and wait a few weeks. Don’t worry we have not forgotten you.

EA homes are… questionable at best. The patterns are usually gaudy and misplaced, the colors either too bold or too dull, the furnishing arrangements are… don’t get us started. We find ourselves often wondering, ‘What were they thinking!?’ So we are going to set you lovely designers to work making Sunset Valley homes a little less ugly one Room at a time.

Going into an already furnished EA house, stripping everything but the walls and starting anew sounds like an easy, everyday run of the mill make-over challenge. This however is Maxis Mayhem ladies and gentlemen.

Come and play

The Sims’ planet is facing an inconvenient truth: the cities are overflowing with pollution and toxic waste. They have reached a point of no return, it is now or never to make a change! The leaders gathered for a desperate meeting and together they decided that it’s time to get rid of the old and in with the new. Wind, water and sun are now the primary sources of electricity and the old cars are replaced with bio fuel and batteries. They have moved into the future but they still don’t know how to make the everyday life more eco-friendly. Their homes are filled with energy sucking supplies and nasty solutions. They need help and have called you to help them come up with a new type of home: The home of the future!

Do you have a eco-architect in you?

Here Ye, Here Ye, Here Ye!
King Ulric the 3rd hath proclaimed that thine Kingdom is in ruins!
He hath put forth a challenge to all worthy of such a great endeavor!
“I beseech thee! Rebuild mine Kingdom! Make it worthy of thy Royalty that ruleth over thee

Travel back in time with us

POTM: Photographer of the Month!

The Living Sims Staff have recently made a change to the Picture of the Week. It’s now going to be Picture of the Month! So, we are simply turning the “W” in POTW to a “M”! We like to keep everyone on their toes and keep you wondering what will be next! How about enjoying the honor of winning Hall of Fame and holding it for a full month?!

Look around the forum, spread the love and nominate your favorite picture.
Here’s how to nominate a picture for POTM