New Contest: Taste

We all need to eat, it is a basic premise of being human. Some of us just want whatever is easiest while others are passionate about food and food preparation. Food can be and do a lot of things; it brings back memories, fills our empty stomachs, makes us smile, delights or disgust. When our basic need for nutrients is met then food becomes all about taste.

This contest is all about taste and all about where we prepare and cook food – the kitchens! They are not the easiest room in the house and we know a lot of you find them hard. But, we were so impressed with the kitchens in our last big contest that we decided that the next contest had to be all about kitchens.

Do you want to create the best possible kitchen you can? Well then this is the contest for you! We will be designing kitchens for four very different sims with very different tastes and needs!

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Winner of Sims Next door announced & New Contest!

Summer is coming and it is time to go on vacations, perhaps even go overseas somewhere. When we are away we often think of home and our loved ones who can not be there with us right now. That is when we write and send postcards home. We want such a postcard to be part of the next back cover of the magazine and we want you to take the shot for the post card. In this digital age it is easy to create your own postcards rather than making due with the tourist shots they sell on the beach – so lets turn up the wow-factor and create some amazing postcards.

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We have judged round 5 and we now have a winner! We excluded Sixtyteen’s scores since she is a staffer. So it came down to either tiki5872 or Trumpets0ng who both did an amazing job in this final round. Congratulations tiki5872 you have won Sims Next Door with 83 points in this final round!

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New Contest!

5 wonderful singles are moving into a newly build rowhouse project. At the moment the apartments are all identical but things are about to change as we have hired you to turn these empty halls into dashing salons. Match the interior with the personality and preferences of the sim living there and bring a smile to their faces when they come home after a hard day’s work.

Are you up for the challenge? Do you want to learn new styles and design with style?

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New Contest

We want to invite you to help us celebrate Halloween by making some awesome Halloween pictures by hosting a little contest. We hope you will join us in celebrating the most fun holiday of the year.

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