New Contest

We want to invite you to help us celebrate Halloween by making some awesome Halloween pictures by hosting a little contest. We hope you will join us in celebrating the most fun holiday of the year.

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New Contest: Triple Trouble

A young couple bought a house in the suburbs. During her pregnancy with triplets she asked her parents to move in with the couple. The pregnancy passed and she gave birth to triplets. The parents stayed in the house and the whole extended family now lives together.
Readers, they need your help to decorate the rooms!

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LS Contest

You have all be busy with the challenges and many of you have come quite a long way since you first started coming here. We thought it was time for a little friendly competition.

The contest will be about a family moving to the big city after a job change. The two twin teens will take advantage of all the possibilities a big city provides as well. You will be decorating three rooms in three rounds in their big city apartment.

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Contest: Ask Anke & Balla anything

As you might have seen in the new issue we are interviewing Anke & Balla next issue. Instead of us on the staff thinking up a bunch of questions, we want YOU the reader involved.

What to do: Comment here or on the original post here on the website, with a question for Anke & Balla. We will then randomly pick 3 of the questions ask, that will win a small prize.

Deadline: 30. May 2011 23.59 GMT

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Featuring You

Have you ever thought you might like to write for LivingSims magazine but were too shy to ask? Here’s your opportunity. Make us laugh, make us cry…it’s totally up to you.

The task is simple, write two paragraphs based on the following pictures. Create a single sim or a sim couple and write from the sim’s perspective. Share a picture of your sim(s) and the rest is completely up to you. The winner will be supplied (via pm or e-mail) with some original photographs by one of our amazing staff photographers and given the opportunity to write a feature article for the upcoming issue of the magazine. So…what are you waiting for! We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Deadline is Sunday, February 6th.

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Chrismahanukwanzadan winner!

After looking all the contest pictures over carefully the staff has decided that ajOya has won the Chrismahanukwanzadan contest with her cute and storytelling picture:

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Holiday Celebration: a contest and a challenge

We want you to help us celebrate the upcoming holidays on the forum, so we invite you to take part in our new challenge and contest.

For many of us the winter season is a very special season filled with holidays celebrated with family and friends. Some celebrate Christmas, other Hanukkah or Solstice or perhaps Saint Nicholas’ day…
We want you to decorate a room for the celebration of your favourite winter holiday.

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Do your sims celebrate the winter holidays? Do we wanna see it? Oh yes please! Are your sims living in New Zealand and celebrate Christmas at the high of summer or perhaps your Sim live in New York – eh Bridgeport – and celebrate Hanukkah or perhaps Holland and celebrate Saint Nicolas day? Which-ever holiday and where-ever your Sim are this holiday season, we want to see it!
Once again we got a prize for the winner and runner ups.

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