New Contest: Brave Colors


Colour does work magic. Add just a little bit of colour to your space – here and there – and it will brighten up your home and improve your mood better than a bowl of ice-cream. Add a little more to create a special atmosphere: relaxed, energetic, cheerful, or even dramatic – the choice is all yours. Add even more to achieve a totally overwhelming effect. Brighten up your life a bit and let your imagination go wild!

Some colors are easier to use than other… This contest will be all about those harder colors. You will not get any soft blue or beige in this contest. This is all about the wild colors, the hard to use colors, the scary colors. We challenge you to be brave and go for it. To use the colors that scares you!

The application round/round 1 is now open!

Be brave and join us!


Contest: From Drab to Fab

EA’s decoration can be hmm how to put it, unfortunate at times. Often the house itself is perfectly nice, but the decoration lacks details and seems unfinished and the colours, lets not go there. This contest is all about fixing that!

The Task

Take any EA residential lot. Take before pictures of the house. We want you to finish what EA started and turn the house into what it should have been.  Take what EA tried to do and do it right. Add details to it, decorate it, change the colours. See the rules for more details.


Get featured in the next issue of the magazine and win sims store prizes.

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New contest: Change of Seasons

Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring, there are seasons, four in all. Weather changes, sun and rain and snow, leaves fall down and flowers grow. Look ahead and you will see, just what season it will be!

From the above you might have guessed we will have the four seasons, one for each round, in this contest. Your task will be to match the interior so it mirrors the season of the round as well as the sim’s personality

NB: the contest do not require you to have the seasons EP

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The winner of Taste is announced

Over the summer the LivingSims forum has been bustling with beautiful kitchens in our Taste contest. We started out with 21 contestants and, over the course of 3 rounds, we had it narrowed to down to just the six very best ones. They battled it out in the fourth round and all created amazing kitchens. The judges had a really hard time scoring the final round but in the end we had a winner… Trophy05 won with her amazing stylish kitchen. Congratulations Trophy05! Thank you to everyone who took part in the contest – we hope you all had fun and that we will see you in future contests.