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We have been Hacked

Original message:

Hello dear members,

As you maybe have seen when you tried to enter our forum, we have been hacked. We will try to fix this as soon as we can, and want to ask you for the meantime to stay patient and hope for the best with us. Do not click on the forum link.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please do NOT try to access the forum. We have all been banned. We might have to set up a new forum. We will keep you posted. We do not have a backup of the database sadly.

Updated: we are setting up a fresh forum. We are trying to gather all the info we need right now. Do anyone by any chance have the two pitchforking smilies saved?

Updated: We have created a new forum. We are working on filling it and making it look right etc. I will post a new post here then the forum is ready for you to dip your feet in. If you want to follow the progress you can do so at Twitter:!/livingsims