LivingSims’ plans for Sims 4


It is now official, Sims 4 is coming out early next year. The LivingSims editorial staff have discussed the matter, and we have decided to make a quick statement. Some of the staff have already plans of buying Sims4, while others may not. We plan to move the magazine forward and feature sims 4 pictures. We will however feature pictures from Sims 2 and Sims 3 as well as long as we have staffers who play in those games. Once all staffers have moved away from a legacy titles, we will only feature that title in a more sporadic manner.

So the short version is, yes we will have Sims 4 pictures, Sims 2 players we do not plan to forget about you!

The LivingSims are looking forward to a new edition of our favourite game and hope to see better building tools and awesome new things in buy-mode as well.

If you want to dream and hope for Sims 4 with us, we have a topic set up for you! We will bring an article with all your dreams for the build and buy section in the next issue, and hopefully Maxis will hear of our dreams. Help us dream here!

One thought on “LivingSims’ plans for Sims 4

  1. I would love for sims 4 to give players the ability to build a town or city from scratch by allowing us to lay down roads and bridges to all areas of the town.

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