If you have problems getting into the forum after the hack use this link:

It should let you get in without any problems. If you still can’t get in you need to clean out you caches. How to do that is different in the browsers so google “clean caches [browsername]”

If you are having problems getting in please email livingsims[at] so we can help you out, or post here.

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  1. I don`t know if I´m the only one who has this problem, but turing couple of past days I have had troubles with Livingsims forum. It seems that forum is down most of the time. And even if I reload it then the fun lasts only minute or so and then it is gone again. Sometimes it is gone for a very long time. Like today I haven`t had a chance to visit forum all day long. I hope to find solution soon because I really like this forum and I love to visit it.

  2. I haven’t been able to get in either. Does anyone know what is going on! I am working on the Taste contest and can’t get into the forums. I have deleted by caches and tried other browsers and still it says website can not be found. I thought it was just me but apparently not! Would be nice if someone would post something about there being a problem.

  3. I can’t post on any forum threads 🙁 when I try, the post just says “undefined” any got any ideas?

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