Issue 26: Spring has Sprung

Sunshine, warm breezes and newly sprouting greenery. This is what we love about Spring. What else do we love? The fact that Spring also inspires readers and forum members around the globe with the riot of color erupting from the ground.

In this issue we explore the many ways to decorate on a small budget, get design tips from our talented forum members, and see the imaginative and ingenious ways a tiny house can be made into a home. We also get some decorating advice in our popular Ask Bella and Ask Handy Andy features.

So sit back, put your feet up and enjoy our Spring issue.

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We also have a number of new downloads in our download section! There is both brand new items and old participation gifts now shared with you the wonderful reader!

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2 thoughts on “Issue 26: Spring has Sprung

  1. When while the pdf be i really want to put it on my ipod? O yeah the issue was great i hope it keeps going good so we can get more issue more often.

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