Winter Clean Up

The Editorial Staff has been contacting members of the magazine staff that has not been active for some time now. We have heard back from most of our wonderful freelancers but a few are no longer active on the forum. We have chosen to retire these people. We thank Dija, Peachy, ajOya, amoebyte and Beatdoc16 for their continuation to the magazine. It has been great working with your guys! A special thank you to Carrie is gnarly who have been our head of proofreading forever. She has done great work and will be missed!

I will use this occasion to draw attention to the fact that the magazine is in desperate need of writers and proofreaders. If you have a little writer or proofreader hiding inside you please fill out an application and most likely we would love to have you as a part of our team! We magazine is only as good as the people who help make it, so help make the magazine great!

One thought on “Winter Clean Up

  1. Dear LivingSims Team,

    I would like to apply to your magazine.
    I enjoy reading through the articles and watching the beautiful pictures. But the most I enjoy the humor in almost everything.
    I am not a good writer, but usually mistakes in writing just pop up to my eyes (even as non-native english speaker). As this is quite frustrating in my actual part-time job as a teacher at a (delinquent) children’s home in Eastern Germany, I’d love to do something in a community of (sort of) adults.
    I want to be your proofreader. Or at least one of them.

    Kind regards,

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