2 new challenges

The white box challenge is a popular segment of the tv show Design Star on HGTV and serves as inspiration to this challenge. In this challenge you are given a white box with 3 walls and 4 items of furniture. It is your job to make the room look amazing! We have 3 sets of items for you to choose from. There is no limit to the possibilities here so use your imagination! You can create any room you like : a bedroom, a bathroom, a courtyard, … the list is endless!

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A magic fairy just gave you a bottomless moneybag with all the money you’ll ever need in your life. She also made you 22 and drop-dead gorgeous,but that’s another challenge.You’ve decided that some of that unlimited money could be put to good use on a second home, somewhere to retire to after a stressful day of shopping, shopping, and more shopping. You look through vacation home listings and see a place on the beach, a chalet in the mountains, a luxury flat in a big city, a mansion in the Hamptons, a Tudor cottage at Salisbury, and several other places. There is also plenty of land for sale where you could build a custom home just how you want it.

Show us what you decided to buy and how you decorated. We promise, we won’t sell the pictures to the tabloids…

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