Moderator Needed

We need a few extra hands keeping the forum neat and up to date. We particularly need help with the WCIF area and the challenges since that is where we have most activity.

We need someone who is active on the forum, is level headed and wants to help make the forum the best place it can be for everyone.

If you are interested please pm Kementari if you are interested in helping out.

One thought on “Moderator Needed

  1. hi,

    I know that I recently joined, but I absolutely love your forum. I just don’t participate as much as it’s sort of like first day at school… getting to know the others and the lay of the land.

    I am an active, longstanding member on other forums that are not Sims related and I am IT literate. I love the game and I especially love interior design (even tho I have no talent lol).

    I would appreciate it if you would consider me for the post of Moderator as I am online a lot and regularly check in here to see new magazines, check WCIF and view POTW.



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