Winner of Photographer of the Week

Congratulations to Sebausten who has won this week’s Photographer of the Week!

ATS Sandy Wrote:
This picture is incredibly well composed and so rich of meaning. It’s a marvel of symbolism, with this foggy cemetery, with a ruined wall behind, surrounded by a living vegetation and roses. Even the light is delicate. Pure poetry and piece of art!

lylim6 Wrote:
This awesome picture by Sebausten is the best outdoor picture I’ve ever seen in sims 3. I don’t really know how else to describe it, it’s just very well thought out. It’s not just some picture that’s nice to look at, it actually makes you feel something. I’m really at a loss for words on how else to describe this picture, but I think that this picture truly deserves a potw.

Also nominated this week were ATS Sandy, simsfvr, peachbird76 and saprophyte. All nominees will soon, together with the winner, be featured on our tumblr where everyone can see which pictures were nominated and what people said about them!

Thanks to ATS Sandy, annyway, lylim6, Breila, Mireluk, saprophyte, esjai and Protectron for nominating a picture this week.

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