Forum Moved

We have now moved the forum to the new server. This mean that the old forum will stay online (until October) but will be closed. You can find the new forum here:

All your posts are still there and your account is still working. You will just have to log in again. We are still ironing out a few things but they should be fixed soon.

A lot of in post links to other posts on the forum will properly not work as they should.
If you want to edit your own link than this is what you do:

  • Hit the edit button under your post:
  • find your link and edit this part
    [url=]your link[/url]
    so it says [url=]your link[/url] instead.
  • And click update/post

The moderators will be working on fixing broken links.

I want to give a big Thank You to Jan who have moved the forum and done all the hard food work!

4 thoughts on “Forum Moved

  1. I have problems logging in :s As I had forgotten my password, I got a new one but now when I log in with my new password I need to do the image code verification and that site transfers me back to the livingsims.NL forum (where the new password won’t work). HELP!!

  2. Una I think what I can do right now is send you a new password to the email address you registered with.

    If anyone else have login problems on the new forum. Please comment here but make sure to use your forum name here.

  3. Mac, still having the same problems. I can’t get out of the loop. However, something has changed now. When I come to the image code verification page and put in the code and try to log in and I get back to the new forum, but still not logged in :s I tried it with Opera and IE. Same results.

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