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Dear LivingSims community, as you might have noticed the forum has been rather unstable over the past six months. We keep getting downtime, blank pages, odd errors and other annoying stuff. We have decided we can’t live with that any more so we want to move web-hosting services to which should give us a much more robust service. However that will require us to raise some cash again. We still have a little left from your generous donations last year, but nowhere near enough. So we ask you for help.

We thank the following for their generous donations who has helped us raise more then 591 $ out of our $600 goal so fare:
Deelightful, Ballarose, Phyre, jenba, Protectron, sebausten, sixtyten, baufive, Laure, peachbird76, girlfromverona, annyway, aprlrane, Amelie, lewisb, Naitomea_Sims , oumamea, tonysmama, Eronoel, Peachy, Lorry, ATS Sandy, Alicelove, Gotmilk, Velvet and 3 anonymous donators.


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