WCIF Magazine & new challenge

A new issue is out and with so many yummie pictures, you may have spotted the item you absolutely want ! So why not open a Magazine WCIF?
Yet, before you do so, please read the rules:

  • Name your topic with the article’s name and not with the page number or subheadline on that page.
  • One topic per article: if one topic is open for the article in which you want an item, just add your request to the one already formulated.
  • Don’t be afraid to open 3 topics in a row if there are 3 articles in which you want to find an item.
  • Only interior / exterior design WCIF
  • For better clarity, please number your items and add the link next to your request when it has been found.

Read the full rules

We all loved the article “Easy as 1,2,3” in the newest issue of the LS magazine. Show us you can do better. giggle

The Task
Decorate a child friendly space. It can be a daycare, nursery, playroom, backyard, playground – any place that you would like your child spending his/her time. There are no size limits for this challenge. Just remember – when it comes to organizing and designing a space for children, we have to put ourselves in their shoes, literally.

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