Tibertus’ Tech Tip#32


The Sims 2 & The Sims 3: Use the M key to move an object on a surface between the slots on the surface if the object has more then one. It is especially useful on objects with many slots, where it can be hard to place your clutter where you want it.

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3 thoughts on “Tibertus’ Tech Tip#32

  1. Hi, I don’t fully understand the tip. Do I press M while having moveobjects on? Because I tried and it didn’t work for me. 🙁

  2. You place an object on the surface and then press “m” to move the object between the slots. Like place object, press m and the object jump one slot. Press m again and it jumps once more.

    In sims 2, not every surface has more then one slot. In sims 3 most should ahve more then one.

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for this tip. I didn’t know about it before and it has made my life so much easier.

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