Updated forum rules: Signature rules

With a lot of new members ariving from all corners of the internet, we have felt that is was needed to add some more specific rules about signtures. Cultures on differnt forums are different and with this forum not being a small one anymore we thought it would be good to make some of our culture more explicit.

Signature rules

  • Your signature can be no more then 200×800 pixels (including text). We prefer them smaller then this.
  • The maximum allowed file size 250 kb – anything bigger slows the forum down too much.
  • We do not allow overly dominating (no animations, no flashing, no glitter, no neon colours). We allow you to have small signatures but we do not want every topic to turn into a signature circus.

If your current signature does not follow these rule you have 14 days to updating it, after that we will start policing this rule.

More about signatures

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