Contest: Ask Anke & Balla anything

As you might have seen in the new issue we are interviewing Anke & Balla next issue. Instead of us on the staff thinking up a bunch of questions, we want YOU the reader involved.

What to do: Comment here or on the original post here on the website, with a question for Anke & Balla. We will then randomly pick 3 of the questions ask, that will win a small prize.

Deadline: 30. May 2011 23.59 GMT

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2 thoughts on “Contest: Ask Anke & Balla anything

  1. where can i find the curly hair that you have on your home page on the girl in the sesime street shirt on?, weather its on your website or on another one i just really want that curly hair and i know you can get it for the sims 3 but i dont know how to convet them, so please wright back or give me a like that works :). thanks

  2. Jordan,
    We do not host requests to find any clothing or hair at LivingSims, as we focus on interior and exterior design. But feel free to post a WCIF request on another forum, they will be happy to help you.

    Sebausten (Moderator)

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