Issue 22 is online!

Like grumpy, old bears waking out of hibernation, many LivingSims staff are perking up and feeling freshly energized with the sunshine and spring weather. Birds are singing, flowers are blossoming, and much needed Vitamin D is bringing us out of the winter doldrums. Of course, we know that some of our dear readers are heading into their Winter; so perhaps this issue of LivingSims will add some faux Spring to your lives.
Now that you have finishing your Easter egg hunt at home, come join the Easter egg hunt here at LivingSims, your home away from home. It’s loads of fun with 0 calories to boot! Check out the magazine for the rules.
We have a scrumptious issue for you…a feast for the eyes! Our pages are filled to the brim with heavenly pictures and ideas designed to inspire you to fire up that game and get decorating. We also welcome some new staff who bring a fresh and unique style to our magazine.

Happy Easter everyone, and we hope you enjoy reading Issue 22 of LivingSims Magazine as much as we’ve enjoyed putting it all together!

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NB: If you plan to read the issue as a pdf you might have to update your reader to see all of it.

5 thoughts on “Issue 22 is online!

  1. hey there. i read the new issue and was doing the egg hunt. I found all 11 eggs and i know what the word is, but everytime i eneter it into the page it tells me it is wrong. What can I do?

    1. make sure you are entering the secret word with no spaces and that all of the letters are lowercase 🙂
      prize page has been tested and should work properly

      hope this helps

    2. Some letters could be placed in more then one way… They should be read, so that the egg most to the left is first then you piece it together.

  2. Well done again 🙂 I love this magazine and the staff that’s involved with it. You guys do a fabulous job as always 🙂

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