Broken links fixed and other info

Elin had let us know that the links to the pdf versions of issue 18 and 16 were broken. They are now both fixed. Thank you for letting us know Elin. If anyone else sees broken links please let us know so that we can update them.

Why are there no pdf versions of issue 1-11?
We did not start making pdf versions of the magazine till issue 12. It is a huge amount of work to do the pdf if it was not planed from the start, so we are not planing to make pdf versions of those issues. If you can not view the online versions for some reason I can only suggest going to a different computer/internet connection to look at those.

We are going to use some interactivity in the upcoming issue using flash, so I suggest that you install a flash player in your browser – it is free if you read the issue online.

If you read the issue as a pdf, please update your Adobe Reader to version 9 or newer to view everything correctly in the next issue.

Interactivity in the upcoming issue will be marked with this icon. If you read it in the pdf version you will have to click on the flash player “F” icon on the page when it shows up to see the interactive elements.

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