We are hiring!

Do you love dotting i’s and crossing t’s and think perfect grammar is full of awesome? Is English your primary language? Are you mature and dependable and willing to commit to a few hours every two months? If you answered a resounding YES to these questions than LivingSims needs you! We are seeking a Senior Proofreader to join the LivingSims magazine team. Fill out our application at the forum. Do it now!

We are also looking for another layouter to help with articles. We need someone reliable, who got a sense of what good layouts look like and who has InDesign installed. You do not have to know a lot about how to do designs then you start, we are willing to help you learn the program. Read more at the forum.

We prefer to hire people who are active forum members, but because we really need someone to help out now we might be talked into hire people we do not know. We are not looking for photographers or writers at this point in time.

Please do not send us an email, but apply though the forum. Read the sticky thoroughly before applying.

Edit: We found a senior proofreader so that is awesome, but we are still looking for a layouter.

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