2 new challenges

Very soon I will be moving from the sunshiny state of Florida to the mountainous lands of Colorado. My better half and I have been house hunting and several of the homes we have fallen in love with look like the typical mountain style home. My dilemma however is my interior style is nothing like the exterior of the home. The whole house oozes a very mountain side, rustic cottage feel; while my tastes tend to verge on urban grunge with a hint of shabby chic. I would like a home that reflects on the inside what it does on the outside while also highlighting my personal style. So I am calling on my fellow Living Sims members to help me decorate my new home.
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Do you really want to put your skill to the test? Or perhaps just challenge your self to really get better? Well then this is the challenge for you!
Photographies can be seen as mirrors of reality, we want you to step though the mirror and into your game…
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