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Over the past month or so we have had a lot of new members join LivingSims and that is really nice. It is always good to see new faces here.

However, this also means that the moderators have had a LOT more to do. I have just edited 10 posts this morning, just in the Challenges area, where people did not follow the rules.


We know that some of our rules are different from other forums, one example being the official Sims forum. We do not warn people the first time they break a rule, but we do point it out to them. What is annoying and challenging for our moderators is when people completely ignore our moderators and do the same thing again three posts below.

If this continues I will have to restrict where new users can posts. For example, new members will not be allowed to post in the challenges area until they have been on the forum for a certain period of time or have a certain number of posts. I would hate to have to do this but it is not fair to our moderators to ask them to keep editing people’s posts for the same 3 mistakes.

All of our rules are there for a reason. They are not just there so power hungry moderators have something to bitch about. So please read the rules and try your best to follow them.

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  1. Rules are great to avoid the mess. Personally I always read the rules before post anything. I own a french forum and I know how it’s annoying to always tell members their mistakes and they do it again and again!

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