New Challenge: 3 colors

Many of you are familiar with the reoccurring “3 Colors” articles that appear each issue in Living Sims Magazine.

“3 Colors” is an article in the Living Sims Magazine that reappears each issue. The Living Sims staff wants to awaken the color enthusiast in our readers and forum dwellers so we put together a challenge for you to get your feet wet.

Your task is to pick a color match from the list below and design a room around it. You can use the following scenario to start you off.

Mary Burton just moved into a beautiful new home and is itching to decorate, unfortunately she’s color blind and can’t put colors together without a little help. She’s hired an interior designer, you, to pick a color scheme that works. She only has enough money for a consultation so work up some samples for her and show us what she comes up with.

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