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I have just sat down and updated the rules for the 3 Where can I find sections. They are not big updates, but I suggest that you read them and the Best practise topics in each section before you post there. There rules are not there to make it more complicated for you to ask for something, but to help us answer you faster and help others find the same thing.

Rules for the magazine WCIF
Rules for The Sims 3 WCIF
Rules for The Sims 2 WCIF

Most importantly

  • Name your topic properly
    Issue 17: Life in a Beach hut OR
    Stuff from Velvet’s Garage challenge OR
    The red sofa
  • Remember an image then ever it is possible – it will speed things up a lot.
  • Don’t ask for things from 10 different images in one topic. If you are looking for something from one of Velvet’s challenges, an magazine article and one of Beatdoc’s houses, then please make 3 topics.
  • If you are looking for something from the same picture as someone else in an open topic, please post in that topic as well.
  • Once an item has been found for you, please add a link to it in your original post.
  • Please add [found] in the topic title once everything has been found.

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