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Hello dear members,

As you maybe have seen when you tried to enter our forum, we have been hacked. We will try to fix this as soon as we can, and want to ask you for the meantime to stay patient and hope for the best with us. Do not click on the forum link.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please do NOT try to access the forum. We have all been banned. We might have to set up a new forum. We will keep you posted. We do not have a backup of the database sadly.

Updated: we are setting up a fresh forum. We are trying to gather all the info we need right now. Do anyone by any chance have the two pitchforking smilies saved?

Updated: We have created a new forum. We are working on filling it and making it look right etc. I will post a new post here then the forum is ready for you to dip your feet in. If you want to follow the progress you can do so at Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/livingsims

30 thoughts on “We have been Hacked

  1. I’m glad you told me, I got really upset then. I Thought I had got banned, and I was gonna cry :'(
    hope it gets up and running soon :/

  2. Hu I thought was going to through up when i saw that pic :S Really discusting it was!!!! Idiots that hack like that :S

  3. I was online when it happened. One second I was browsing the forum, then I kept getting a message saying that that thread/board didn’t exist and everything but the chatbox and the “who’s online” box was gone. Then a message came up saying I was banned. Then everything chnaged… :S

    Damn hackers! Why can’t they get a proper hobby…

  4. I’m really sorry about this mess but be assured that we’ll keep you updated as to when the forum will be running.

  5. Tim, the thing is hacking is a hackers hobby. And like seb said, I am really sorry about this mess…but we will get this sorted.

  6. I was online to when it happened too. I sent Mac an email so whenever I sent that email is when it happened. (around 2-3am my time Eastern USA)That picture made me sick to my stomach. Why do these a#&holes do such disgusting things. I mean hacking is one thing but to write what was written and post that picture was just horrendous. I had my hubby check this morning for me just in case it was still there. So Mac….have you been buying gold from Susan Express? lol sorry had to lighten the mood a little. I’m really sorry for all of you staffers that put in so much time and effort to this amazing site to have it violated in such a way.

    1. Thanks Kim,

      We are working very hard to get everything working again..but as you can imagine this takes a bit of time because it is not pretty.
      Thanks to all of you for bearing with us! And pray that it will be solved soon 🙂

  7. HAHA I just remembered I took a screen shot of it and it has the time on there “current time 10:33am” so what ever local time the forum is set to is what it was. I never changed it to my local time, I have no clue how or if you can do that..lol

  8. How annoying! If we do find ourselves in a situation where we must rebuild, we may find some of the pages saved at web.archive.org

  9. How disturbing to wake up to something like this! Whoever did this, KARMA is bound to come back on you! I’ve been so bummed because this is the first place I sit and relax to in the mornings. 🙁

    Any way we can track who did it? I believe Nouk & Jonesi did when it happen to them. >;D

    We shall prevail!

  10. I really hope you can get these idiots! I am devastated this is where I spend all my day (sad I know) But now I don’t know what to do…lol I may have to spend time with my hubby! or cleaning arrgghhhh.

  11. Haha @ Kem. That’s funny! I have to go study, I’m so sad, I wanted to see what was happenin’ in the forums first. But hopefully we find out the person/people who did this.

  12. Thanks all for the awesome support. No worries…we will rise from the ashes so to speak. We have the most amazing community here!

  13. I must second that Ballarose. It’s so sad that such a friendly community can fall victim to hackers. Looking forward to relaunch. Good Luck!

  14. I was online as well when it happened. When I browsed the forum page (around 3-4pm and I’m in Hong Kong GMT+8)the theme was changed. I tried to change it back but it didn’t work. Then I kept getting the message that I was banned. I was thinking if the forum was under maintenance or updating (coz I don’t think that I had done anything to get banned!:P).
    Agreed with Ballarose that this is the most amazing community!

  15. I just was shocked when I saw the forum had been attacked. I hope you can solve the problems soon. It’s a very nice community and addictive forum! Maybe the hackers can’t stand that!

  16. Gosh, I’m so sorry this happened to you! And here I was making up another Small Quarters house… LOL Don’t worry, it will keep. I know this is a huge headache to try to sort out, I’m so sorry you guys have been put in this mess. 🙁 Keep your chins up! I look forward to visiting more again when you’re all fixed! *kiss kiss*

  17. Oh wow! I was away the whole day, and really surprised to see this when I came home! Very sad we don’t have a back-up of the database, all those lovely pics gone 🙁

    I wonder who was behind it..
    What did they do the to forum exactly? Ban everyone?

    1. They banned everyone yes, distroyed our whole forum and posted some not so pretty pictures on there. We are rebuilding the whole thing now.

  18. I also think it sucks that people do things like this. I just hopped on to check in today & the forum wasn’t there. My internet has been acting up, lately, so I thought it was on my end. So sorry to hear about this & so grateful that all of you staffers are working hard to get it back. This is a wonderful community & I’m glad to be a part of it.

    I hope we can finish the weekend on a high note & thank you so much for working hard to get Living Sims forum back to all of us. 🙂

  19. I’ve just heard of this and I am so devastated! If there is anyway that I can help just let me know, Praying for you guys 🙂

  20. Wow, I can’t believe this is happened! If it helps at all I think I noticed around 11pm Australian time, I was banned and the site was throwing up so not so pretty images. I’m sorry I can’t be any more precise about it though 🙁 The thought that people just do this kind of thing for fun makes me feel sick. I’m really sad for all the wonderful things that have been lost on the forum. Thanks for working so hard to get everything back together, this is a great place and certaintly did not deserve for this to happen.

  21. I wonder when this happened. I was posting my Marriage of Style entry at 3am something EST and I wasn’t banned and didn’t see any nasty pictures. This is just so crazy. Sunhair was telling me and I was like what, no way. I can’t even fathom why someone would do this to you guys. If you all need any help with it I can do my best.

    I wish you all the best of luck with this. Its just so sad everything has been lost that all of here contributed to.

  22. I should have known. I was told that I was banned early this morning, and I really was racking my brain trying to figure out why. Plus the disturbing picture, that should have been my first clue.

    Hope everything comes out fine and you all get back to the fun. There is nothing that could be defended in doing this, you all have never done anything to the community, but add more fun.

    Damn you hackers!

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