The forum is now open again

As you know we were hacked sometime last night. I have set up a brand new forum for us. We couldn’t save the old one – no backups.

The new forum is working but pretty darn empty. So don’t expect everything to be there yet. We are working hard on getting everything up and running. You are welcome to register and post, but try to remember the old rules even if the are not any new one in the section. I strongly recommend re-reading the new rules. We have changed the wording on everything.

Those of you who were moderators or staffers on the old forum, pm me or Ankuuh please.

Follow the progress at in the future you will be able to find LivingSims news here, like then we post a new issue or a new challenge opens.

If you don’t get an activation email and it isn’t in your junk filter or something, please comment here and we will activate your account.

40 thoughts on “The forum is now open again

  1. Im trying to make a new acc, but every time I try to set a PW, it tells me they dont match, even if I use a simple word like “cat” or “snowy”

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ajoya and Mee, you should be able to post on the forum now.
      Miss peh the not matching of passwords we have heard about. We are working on solutions for both.

  2. Oops! I guess I’m still not activated. While it looks like I’m logged in. I can’t post and when I checked in the members list it still shows my status as non-actived. Thanks again.

  3. Glad that the forum is reopen!

    I have the same problem as Miss Peh had when I tried to register (keep getting passwords don’t match). Then I found that it’s becuz there is a login box on the header. When I input the login name and pw in the header as well, it worked.

  4. Macthekat, can you please activate mine too. I have not received an email in mail or spam folder just notification that we have been hacked. Thanks.

  5. So sad for what happened but the forum is open and it’s good ๐Ÿ˜€
    Could you please activate my account, I haven’t receive any activation email!

    1. It is in the admin panel (you can’t see it), are you sure you are not activated? What is your name on the forum? I can’t find a user called “elOrOr” there

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