Old but good: Colour Theory

Last week I of course forgot to find an article for you again, but again I got two articles for you. In issue 4 and in issue 6 we had an article about Color Theory. Both very insideful and interesting reads, so take the time to read more about color theory if it’s something you have been taught in some art appropriation class in school – because it can be very useful – not just for sims, but it really lets you understand color better. So make a hot cup of your favourite drink and site down and read these two great old articles.

Read Color Theory part 1 & Color Theory part 2

I also want to ask the following. Please leave a comment and tell us what you think:
Do you enjoy these old articles, or shouldn’t I bather?

2 thoughts on “Old but good: Colour Theory

  1. I thought it was really informative especially beause I am always drawn to the use of color in a room but when it comwes my turn I didn’t know what to do.

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