Contest: Ravasheen!

Okay folks! Time to dig through those piles of pictures and pick some of your funniest Sim moments. Add a caption and make us laugh and laugh hard! We will pick the best of the best…the ones that make us spew coffee out of our noses.
First prize is a hair from the store worth 75 sim points and two runners up will receive gifts worth 50 sim points. Now get to it!

Check out the contest!

EDIT: The contest is now closed and waiting for judgement. We should have a winner Sunday.

See all the pictures here on the website: Featured

EDIT: And we have a winner!

I asked the staff (who didn’t participate) to vote for the picture+text they found the funnies and we got a winner and two runner ups.

And the winner is: Ballarose with:

Credit: Ballarose. Mom Pow Wheaties. Your kids will never say no to breakfast again

The runner ups where also Ballarose and Macthekat

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