What did you think… of issue 18

We want to know what you thought about issue 18. Which articles did you like, which didn’t you like. What would you like to see more of. Did you miss anything? All comments are welcome.

Contest: Next Friday we will draw up to 3 random commentators from this post and reward with an original piece of Sims 3 CC by either Jan or Fashionista125. So tell us what you thought about it and you might win a neat little prize + you may help shape future issues of LivingSims.

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EDIT: Thank you for all the very useful comments! We very much appreciate them! I got my boyfriend to drew up the winners of a hat. And the winners are: sebausten, kementari and jessie1065. They have been contacted by email with their prize!

6 thoughts on “What did you think… of issue 18

  1. Well I will start commenting in the hope to trigger people out of their shyness.
    So my favourite article would be Casa Trinidad…. First there are the amazing pictures really haunting and transporting you right to Cuba. Second -but I should have mentioned it first- is Ballarose’s writing, powerful words ringing with the music and spreading the scents of la Isla de Cuba. They make us taste the rum, smell the cigar smoke and dance us to the end of the night to the latino rhythms. In short a powerful article that will long linger on my mind.
    Yet so many others appealed to me and all writers are oozing with talent, so no slight intended whatsoever πŸ™‚

  2. Issue 18 actually was the first issue of Living Sims I had read – and it made me want to go read each and every edition! I really enjoyed the article about “3 Colors – Primary Colors” for the simple reason these bright, bold, in-your-face colors are ones I would normally avoid decorating – in the Sims and in RL. The pictures are gorgeous, and it made me want to experiment with the basic colors. I also really liked the article, or I should say the lay-out about for the “Preview Date with Late Night” article. It was beautifully laid out, and it made me even more excited (if that’s even possible) for the release of Late Night.

    The Living Sims magazine is engaging. The photos are beautiful. The writing is interesting. Need I say more?

  3. Issues 18 was awesome just like all the others I have read.

    It always seems to me like I am reading a real decorating magazine. I absolutely loved the article from Anke and Balla, those two are hilarious. The advertisements are very professional looking and the interviews always have me wondering if you have actually gone to them and interviewed them in person or is it all via your sim πŸ™‚

    I think the thing I love most in the mag is the before and after shots. I love to see what people can do with a room. Its great inspiration.

  4. I loved issue 13, and thought it was great!
    It feels very professional, like you have just bought it from a shop. I can get really stuck on my designs, but with the colour page, it has really opened my eyes and made me try things with another perspective.
    I love all the competitions (even though I’m no good at them) and seeing what great things people can do with the old houses.
    thanks again,

  5. The reason I always peruse & read Living Sims Mag is because it really is like pouring over a real magazine. Not to insinuate that it isn’t, because it is. The photography is always stellar, just what one would expect from a paper mag. The articles are insightful & well written. And it’s always laid out well. The “Ask..” sections of the mag are great! I remember Handy Andy from an old design show (can’t remember the name). The pics of decorated rooms always seem to inspire me, too. So much to love.

    My favorite part of this issue, #18, was the preview of Late Night. I don’t always follow what’s coming for TS3 & this article gave me great insight into the EP. I love some of the stuff that’s coming and I’m kinda excited for this EP, irregardless that it’s kind of a mimic of Sims 1 & TS2 eps like it. Pools on any floor…Yahoo! There’s so much about this EP that I know I’ll enjoy!

    Thanks to the staffers for all you do to put this thing together! I am always impressed by its reality in simulation.

    Lex (thejeweler)

  6. First time reading Living Sims magazine! I love the professional, glossy look of it, and that it manages a sense of playful humor, too. (Mummy-Mia travel agency, anyone?) I enjoyed reading about Late Night; EA doesn’t do a good job of selling its expansion packs, if you ask me, but after reading the article about it in issue 18, I may just have to go sign up for a pre-order! The thing I may love about the magazine most, however, is that you can click through to shop for the gorgeous items showcased in its pages. What other magazine gives you such instant gratification?

    Love it!

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