Old but Good

I forgot to give you an old article to read last week, so this week you are getting two. It is soon Halloween so we got some scary stuff for you. My sister and I are already planing this year’s Halloween party. I wonder what I will dress as and if we can convince our guests not to bring sticky candy that might ruin all of the bowl. If you all behave I will share a recipe for some scary cookies with you!

In issue 6 two years back we had a number of interesting halloween articles. We interviewed all kinds of sims monsters and showed you how that monster’s home looked. It is a fun series of articles and we hope you will enjoy reading or re-reading them.
Creature Feature

In the same issue we also did a How to decorate for a Halloween party. We hope your sim and you find that inspirational.

And don’t say we never feature sims 2 because both of these articles were made with sims 2 pictures only!
How to: Decorate for a Halloween Party

Have fun reading this and have a scary and save Halloween.

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