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Issue 37: Community spotlight

Cover of LivingSims issue 37. The Sims Magazine for more StyleIssue 37 is all about the community! We have a number of great interviews with creators like FakeHousesRealAwesome and JodelineJodeline and others.

We hope you will join us in a celebration of the creativity of the community. We hope to inspire you to inspire us!

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New Contest: Brave Colors


Colour does work magic. Add just a little bit of colour to your space – here and there – and it will brighten up your home and improve your mood better than a bowl of ice-cream. Add a little more to create a special atmosphere: relaxed, energetic, cheerful, or even dramatic – the choice is all yours. Add even more to achieve a totally overwhelming effect. Brighten up your life a bit and let your imagination go wild!

Some colors are easier to use than other… This contest will be all about those harder colors. You will not get any soft blue or beige in this contest. This is all about the wild colors, the hard to use colors, the scary colors. We challenge you to be brave and go for it. To use the colors that scares you!

The application round/round 1 is now open!

Be brave and join us!


Issue 36: All about color

coverSummer is coming! And issue 36 and it is bursting with color! We have put the spotlight on use of color this issue and we got a stack of beautiful articles on the topic. As it is our habit we also feature a lot of pictures from our community as well as an interview with the amazing daturaobscura. We also welcome LadySpider on to the team and she has done some stunning pictures for us.

If you find all the color inspiring then join our new contest Brave Color which is now open. There will be participation prices as well as something for the winners and runners up!

Read issue 36 online or Read the pdf version

So what is your favourite article or ad? Leave your feedback here or on the forum.

Edit: I forgot an article in issue 36 and a few links on Must Have. Both is now fixed. Read the new article, which is a challenge feature on the challenge Accent.

Issue 35: Happy Holidays

001We just finished issue 35. It is a relatively small issue this time but it is all about the holidays. We feature a lot of really cool builds from the community. We hope you will help us celebrate the holidays.


Read Issue 35 online

Issue 34: Celebrating 3 games!

001We have been hard at work to get issue 34 out, but we are now ready to bring you 200+ pages of Sims goodness! This issue is all about celebrating Sims 2, Sims 3 and Sims 4! We have been playing with all three games and I hope you enjoy them all as much as we do. We of course have interviews for you as well as finds, regular articles and new creative goodies.

Please tell us what you think! Leave a comment here or on the forum.

We really hope you enjoy!

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Issue 33 Springs Forth!

001Issue 33 is now out! Despite our attempts to pare down, we have yet another big issue for you – we just love our readers that much! You’ll enjoy a great interview with community member therearecookieshere and get to see our staff members’ takes on the hot, new colors for the season.  You’ll also get a glimpse into some fantastic Sims’ homes. And, of course, we feature our community’s great work from the forum challenges as well as all the recurring articles you’ve come to expect.

Please tell us what you think! Leave a comment here or on the forum.

We really hope you enjoy!

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Read the pdf version

Contest: From Drab to Fab

EA’s decoration can be hmm how to put it, unfortunate at times. Often the house itself is perfectly nice, but the decoration lacks details and seems unfinished and the colours, lets not go there. This contest is all about fixing that!

The Task

Take any EA residential lot. Take before pictures of the house. We want you to finish what EA started and turn the house into what it should have been.  Take what EA tried to do and do it right. Add details to it, decorate it, change the colours. See the rules for more details.


Get featured in the next issue of the magazine and win sims store prizes.

Join the contest

The Christmas is officially published

001Hi everyone, now I am done stuffing my face with Christmas food and had time to sit down and fix all the links for the newest issue. This means that you can now read the full official version issue 32. It now also include the gift from BauFive that we have teased you about on the cover! I really hope you all enjoy it. I know I have!

The pdf will be added shortly.

Read the issue online

Beta Christmas Issue Out Now!!!

001We worked really hard to get the issue out before christmas. It is not quite finished but here you have an early beta version. All the links will be fixed after christmas, none are working right now. All the articles are finished and ready for you, but if you are after the links, come again after christmas.

Happy holidays and a merry christmas!


Read the beta issue online


Donation Plea Update

Edit: Update 23/10 2013

We are now halfway to our goal! That means that all of last year is now payed for! Any new donations from now on will go towards paying for the next year’s expenses!

I would like to personally  thank Bridelyn for a large donation. I would also like to thank Enla and the anonymous donors for their generous help!

Because of your generous donations we have a new gift for you all. This time it is from Lis0 who generously donated a stack of collages for us sims 3 players. Grab them at the donation page. They are free for all of the community.



EDIT: Update 6/10 2013

We are now at 250 $ so thank you guys! Lets see if we can’t reach 350 $ within the next 14 days – that will mean that we have raised enough money to cover all of 2012/13 costs! Any money we raise after that will go towards the next year’s costs so we don’t have to do this again any time soon. Once we reach the next goal we will have a gift which is not a house build by me, but something else!

That also means that I have more gifts for the community for you to say thank you for being awesome and helping us reach our goals!

Gift for reaching our second goal – 200 $ 



Get the gifts at the donation page

Original post 18/9 2013

For those who might have had problems donating on Sunday due to the country setting of the first donation form I set up. It is fixed, so if you wanted to donate and couldn’t please try again.

As of right now we have raised 150 $ out of the 700 $ we are aiming for. Thank you to those who have donated already. When you donate, make sure to put your forum name in the note area or PM me your name on the forum. I would love to thank you probably on the forum.

Become a backer!

In the upcoming issues all donators will have their names listed as LivingSims backers. We really appreciate this!

Drive Gifts

I would like to offer a little bit of incentive for us to reach the goal. For each 100 $ we raise I would like to offer all of the community a gift of a house build by me or another staffer. Let me know in the comments if that should be decorated or not please. Those who donate will get to wish for a style/type of house if they donate more than 3 $ – put your wish in the note area or send me a PM on the forum.

If we do not reach the goal…

If we do not reach our goal of 700 $ within a month, we might have to move our forum and site to a less expensive server and we all know that that will result in more downtime and general annoying crap. So please if you can spare a few bugs, send them our way!

Gift for reaching our first goal – 100 $ 


Get the gifts at the donation page